Why we feel disconnected

Many events and circumstances in life might make us feel cut off from our social environment and lonely within ourselves. Psychological, bodily, and environmental issues can all contribute to dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and even sickness.

  • Psychological Causes
  1. It is a by-product, not a trigger when you lose yourself and feel lonely. You could think you’re lonely because you don’t have a relationship, but loneliness isn’t limited to single people.
  2. You can be surrounded by a huge family or spend your day at work with a large number of kind co-workers and still feel lonely.
  3. Your lack of confidence or inability to communicate well with people could be the source of your loneliness.

Both past and present events can influence how you relate to the world around you and how happy and contented you ultimately are within yourself.

  1. Trauma
    • Having flashbacks to a painful event in the past
    • Feeling the same sentiments today as you did back then
    • Experiencing physical sensations as a result of recalling a former occurrence
    • Feeling as if your history is interfering with your current existence
    • Considering a historical incident daily
  2. Conditioning
    • Certain certain patterns are invariably followed by people
    • In this situation, parents are more likely to act in their chosen manner
    • The message the youngster is receiving is that if he refuses to obey what someone in authority tells him to do, he will be subjected to a negative emotional experience such as fear, resentment, or upset
    • Family life isn’t the only place where conditioning takes place
  3. Detrimental relationships
    • Even if it just happens once, being sexually attacked by your partner
    • Being in the company of someone who is mentally ill and refuses to get help
    • Being denied the right to make your own decisions on issues that affect you
    • When you’re with other people, you’ll feel normal, but when you’re with the individual in question, you’ll feel crazy or complicated
  4. Stress
    • Inability to concentrate
    • Indecisiveness
    • Making a greater number of errors
    • Having trouble with simple chores
    • Swings in mood
    • Worrying excessively
    • Obsessive musings
  5. Unexpressed creativity
    • Organize our day so that we can get everything done that we want to
    • Any activity in which you strive to express your inner world in a relaxed, joyful manner is referred to as creative play
    • The good news is that you don’t have to do anything practical with your creativity
    • You can also exhibit your creativity in everyday life by being a little more daring
  6. Life changes
    • There is no such thing as job security in this fast-paced, ever-changing world
    • You may have met someone and thought they were the appropriate person for you, whether as a friend or a relationship, only to discover that they were not
  • Physical problems
  1. When our physical health is harmed, it has an automatic negative impact on our mental health
  2. We usually recognize when we are ill, but few of us realize how much we are influenced by the foods we eat and the chemicals we use regularly, such as those found in cosmetics and housekeeping goods
  1. Illness
    • On both a psychological and physical level, a sickness, injury, or handicap can be traumatic
    • Now is the time to change your mindset. A positive attitude can significantly increase your pain threshold, meaning you are less bothered by a specific level of discomfort than someone who has a negative attitude
  2. Allergies and intolerances
    • The meal in question is a mainstay in your diet
    • You have a strong desire to consume some multiple times every day
    • If you can’t have any, you’ll feel angry and out of sorts
  • Environmental hazards
  1. There is still much to be done to guarantee that further environmental damage is avoided and that what can be restored is rectified.
  2. In the following parts, I’d like to discuss two other environmental risks that can affect our health and overall well-being: electromagnetic disturbance and geopathic stress.
  3. Electro-magnetic disturbances and geopathic stress are relatively new to the general public, and many still dismiss them as the imaginings of lunatics, yet there is now substantial evidence that they can harm your health.
  1. Electromagnetic disturbance
    • A large amount of electric and electronic equipment we surround ourselves with, such as TVs, hi-fis, microwave ovens, laptops, mobile phones, and so on, is a source of physical disruption.
  2. Geopathic stress
    • Geopathic stress is a type of stress caused by energy disturbances in the ground beneath a structure
    • The earth’s rotation causes electric currents to form in these metals, and it is this core electricity that generates a magnetic field
    • Because humans are accustomed to living in and resonating in harmony with this magnetic field, changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field can be harmful to our health

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